1989 Saleen #50 Arrives

By: Bob Goodson
February 23, 2022

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When 1989 Saleen #50 arrived we had to do some inventory on the car.  Prior to its arrival all we had seen of it were pics from the owner.  It had been sitting outside for over a decade and hadn’t been started in right at a decade.  

The first thing we noticed when it arrived was that it had the typical nests of leaves and debris lodged in the cowl and engine bay from some friendly critters.  Likely squirrels or chipmunks based on the amount of acorns we found in it. 

Before we even thought of putting a drop of water on it we decided we would work to vacuum out as much of this debris as possible.  What we didn’t want is for it all to get lodged in drain holes or clog up drain holes even more.  Check out the video we did of it.  In some places there was almost 2″ deep of leaves and acorns. 

As you can see there was plenty of leaves that we removed.  Here’s a video of the details of the car.  It’s had a drivetrain swap from a 1993 Cobra.  Don’t worry, the Cobra was a total loss and its heart lives on in this car.  

Here’s a pic of the engine bay just after we threw some water to it. 

And a pic of the faded bumper number. Stay tuned.  We’re going to go through this one and get it back on the road for the family to enjoy. 


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