1989 Saleen #50 – Interior Gone!

By: Bob Goodson
May 11, 2022

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We’re making progress on the 1989 Saleen #50.  The biggest hurdle in this whole interior was removing the stereo.  The wiring was something that seems to be challenging and somehow it all worked. 

It’s not a huge deal and it really does look worse than it is but to get the console out we had to snip a couple of the speaker wires due to the way they were routed through one of the brackets.  We’ll end up crimping them back together with no issue at all.  Par for the course if you ask me. 

As the cars show their age I don’t think there is any Foxbody Mustang with mileage on them where there isn’t some kind of hole drilled somewhere in the dash.  Whether it is for a gauge or two or in this case, a couple of nitrous switches.  No big deal really as we’ll get them replaced with really nice used ones or parts from our friends at National Parts Depot who is making parts on their own to meet the accuracy needed in cars like this. 

Something that was neat was that this car still had the Pioneer Speakers in it from when Saleen did the conversion.  I’d say this is one of a few models they used at the time.  I wouldn’t expect every car to have this exact speaker.  However, I would expect them to be this size. A 5 1/4″ speaker is the standard they used and depending on supplies and even speaker model changes, you may find other Pioneer models in the cars where Pioneer was the standard. 

All in all things are going as planned. It was nice to have that happen for a change.  

We did have one exciting moment that did turn out to be a let down.  We thought we had found a build sheet.  All it ending up being was a blank sheet of paper.  it may have served some kind of purpose when Ford built it but there were no markings on it or any faded markings. Still a cool find though. 

One step closer to getting it to the body shop. Stay tuned!!


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