Saleen “Onion Head” Strut Top Mount (Caster/Camber Plate)

By: Bob Goodson
September 26, 2022

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The Caster Camber plates that were on 1989 Saleen #50 were crusty.  It’s not surprising because they were some old Ford Motorsport units made in the early 1990’s by Global West.  We did a whole discussion on the Ford Motorsport Parts we found on this Foxbody Saleen and that post can be found HERE.

If you watch the video in that link you can see what we are talking about. 

In discussing the details with the owners of the car they decided that going with the original style Saleen equipment for this car for that part was the thing to do. 

As you can see above, those old Ford Motorsport caster camber plates are cruussty! 

So we set out to find a pair of the original style “Onion Head” strut mounts offered on 1979-1982 Mustangs and Foxbody chassis Ford/Lincoln/Mercury cars. Luckily for us we didn’t have to look far.  Thankfully our good friend Bill Butler was parting ways with a couple of sets he had in his stash. Thanks to him the engine bay of 1989 Saleen #50 will look correct.  

These units were NOS in the box pieces. The boxes and part numbers relate to a Ford replacement piece for units that are old and failed.  These were also offered through the Ford Motorsport catalog at one time as well.  These are long since discontinued now though.  

It is worth noting that these units cannot be used with the 83-93 plates.  Ford changed the design of the strut top mount starting in 1983 and it received a few updates along the way.  The plate most commonly found on the “aero mustangs” from 1987-1993 will not work on these units.  Many other Ford models used the same strut top mount as the Mustang. 

In that image above you can see how the holes are offset from the opening which prevents it from going on the onion head strut.  Luckily for me I can remember Mike Foley talking about this many many years ago on a Saleen forum.  Back when the forums were huge and active. Which seems like yesterday, but was a long time ago. 

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  1. Mike Foley

    Forms were the good old days Bob👍


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