Vintage Ford Motorsport Parts Found!! – 1989 Saleen Mustang #50

By: Bob Goodson
August 22, 2022

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There are definitely a couple of groups when it comes to things like this.  There’s one group of people who look at this stuff and think,

“Man… that stuff is junk because it’s so old.  Why even bother cleaning it.  Just go buy new!”

Then there’s the camp that says 

“Whoah!! Look at that vintage motorsport stuff!! Clean it, restore it and display it!”

When this 1989 Saleen arrived we took note that the springs weren’t red like the OE Saleen springs would be.  In the detailed inspection what was revealed was an old Ford Motorsport C Spring set from the 1990’s.

Note that the tag on the spring is from a Thunderbird. The “S” is the Thunderbird line. That is where this part was first used when it was designed and engineered. This is what Ford did when they were selling “lowering springs”.  They would take springs from other Ford/Lincoln/Mercury models that would lower the Mustang and paired them with rear springs that would then give them a “kit” to sell in the Ford Motorsport catalog.

Then we noticed that the shocks and struts were white and that they were 5 way adjustable.  When we got the car up on jack stands we took note that they were Tokico Illumina shocks and struts. We also noticed that the caster camber plates were vintage as well.  So we got to digging through our old Ford Motorsport Catalogs and found these parts in the pages of one of them.

It was such a cool find to see all of these old vintage Ford Motorsport parts on this Foxbody Saleen Mustang. The current owners of the car bought it with these parts on it and never changed them.  We thought it was so cool that we did a video on them to talk about what we found.


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