13″ Stoptech Brakes on a Foxbody Mustang

By: Bob Goodson
November 20, 2022

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This post is going to show how long this car has been sitting and how much ADHD we have with this project. It’s amazing how much time can pass when you don’t set a budget goal for a project.  This one has taken too long to get done. But, everything we do is paid for.  We don’t use credit to make builds like this happen. That can add to the timeline.

It seems that if a project like this takes too long things will change.  We’ve changed directions so many times because we found a good deal on something and also we’ve had people make offers on our parts we were going to use. That’s allowed us to buy newer versions of those parts.

We purchased these brakes many years ago.  A set of Baer 13″ brakes with modified fox mustang spindles.

13″ Baer Brakes with Foxbody Spindles

After we sold that set to someone, then we bought some Alcon calipers for fairly cheap with the intent of making them work with 13″ rotors by having some custom brackets made.

Alcon Calipers from a BMW

Realizing that was not going to be a reality for quite some time we bought some 94-04 Cobra caliper brackets and used 13″ Cobra rotors with the intent of using those Mach 1 calipers with 96-04 SN95 Mustang Spindles.

96-04 Mustang Spindles and Mach 1, Bullitt Calipers and 13″ Rotors

And then another opportunity came our way…


We picked up these Stoptech’s and are suuuper excited because we got a good deal from a fellow racer who’s taking his car into CMC. The Camaro Mustang Challenge series.  That series requires different brakes. 


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