1993 Mustang K Member for the Race Car

By: Bob Goodson
December 20, 2020

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In a full sweep of cleaning out the garage of miscellaneous parts we took them to a good friend of ours who owns a junkyard who deals mostly in Ford trucks and Mustangs. 

Having been to the yard several times over the past 20 years we knew it well. There was one 1993 we had our eye on because all the suspension was removed from it and there wasn’t much left of the whole car. Several months ago we inspected it and noted that it was in great shape and didn’t take a hit when the car was totaled. 

So when we took our garage clean out parts to our buddy we struck a deal to trade all of those parts for this K member.  

We had to have a 1993 V8 K member for this project.  Why? You may ask, that is because this has all of the best revisions in it. Ford revised the K member in the 1979-1993 FoxChassis run multiple times. The 1993 Mustang V8 K member A arm mounting holes are farther outboard than any previous version increasing the ability to create more negative camber.  That won’t be a problem with our setup as we have Maximum Motorsports coil overs and Caster Camber plates for the car already.

I bet you’re wondering why we haven’t gotten a Maximum Motorsports K member or A arms.  At this point we’ve got to be budget conscious because we had some unexpected expenses with the motor. While this K member isn’t the most optimal it will get us to the track safely and allow get us some seat time. It definitely isn’t the end game.  Ultimately a Maximum Motorsports K member will be the best for what we want to do.

We’ll clean this one up and get it ready for install into the chassis.


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