8.8 Ford Lincoln Mark VII Rear Axle for The Race Car

By: Bob Goodson
September 22, 2020

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Does it seem that some classified ads just keep calling you?  The ad for this axle lasted for a few months. It showed up in our feed multiple times over a few months. It  probably lasted so long because it was an open diff and that it was pretty crusty. But, it was advertised for $200.  We offered the guy $150 and he said come get it.

So we did.

The axle sat on jack stands for months. This was partly due to work beckoning and we had picked up the Bleakley Saleen and it was occupying a lot of our time. So this race car and associated parts just sat until we needed to use the rotors off of this rear end for the Bleakley Saleen.

In the past couple of weeks we’ve decided to jump on getting the axle cleaned up and disassembled.  This is the list.

  1. Pressure wash
  2. Disassemble complete assembly
  3. Cut off Lincoln Mark VII sway bar mounts
  4. Paint housing
  5. Install new seals
  6. Install longer studs in axles
  7. Install Traction Loc carrier
  8. Install Axles
  9. Reassemble brakes with new soft lines

So far we’ve accomplished #1 and #2. And we only added $150 to the bottom line. The Traction Loc carrier pictured above was out of another car we had and didn’t have any cost at all

Before we pressure washed it and disassembled it we had to set it up just for fun. 

Total carried over is $3563.24

+ $150 for the 8.8

Total so far $3713.24


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