8.8 Lincoln Mark VII Rear Axle Prep for the Race Car – Part Deux

By: Bob Goodson
October 6, 2020

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Well… this is getting the best of me.  I got everything pressure washed and disassembled.  The simple plan was to get the sway bar “ears” cut off of the axle.  Smooth down those areas where they were welded and get the housing painted. 

But, this is as far as I got. 

As you can see I only got one line cut in.  Didn’t even make it all the way through.  Then the cutoff wheel got caught and a chunk removed. 

Went to the tool chest, opened up the tool drawer only to find that the last cutoff wheel was on the grinder.

So a trip to the store was in order to get more cutoff wheels.  Drove over to Lowe’s and grabbed several cutoff wheels plus some other accessories. That old “while I’m here I might as well…” syndrome.  The bad thing is that when I got back home clouds had rolled in and it was starting to rain.  1993 Saleen #33 had arrived by this point so there was no where to go inside to cut off these swaybar ears.  

The other thing we have to get done is to get this limited slip differential carrier into the housing.  The axle was a non tracktion lok differential.  So this one has to be put in. 

This is where it all stopped. This $150 rear end is kicking my rear end. It will be conquered though. 


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