94-95 Spindles – Why?

By: Bob Goodson
November 27, 2022

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In the previous posts about this car you can see that I had a pair of 96-04 Mustang spindles for this project.  These spindles present a challenge when using a stock K member. It specifically has to do with bump steer.  What is bump steer?  It’s basically when the wheel travels up and down in motion, the wheel turns in or out as it travels up and down. This causes the car to dart left or right.  So it is just like it sounds, when you go over a bump, the car steers on its own.  The goal is to reduce that or eliminate that with a bump steer kit. Obviously in racing this is a big deal when you’re in the triple digit mph territory. You don’t want the car darting on the track especially when you’re braking into a corner.  That can be catastrophic.

If you’ve been following along you are aware that we are being very budget minded with this build to get to the race track and we scored a 1993 Mustang factory Ford K member for basically free.  Maximum Motorsports warns of using any pre 1995 Foxbody Ford Factory K member with 1996-2004 Mustang spindles.

Above you can see the 96-04 Mustang spindle on the left has a straight steering arm compared to the 94-95 Mustang spindle on the right.  The 96-04 Mustang spindle on the left are what Maximum Motorsports recommends when using their tubular K member in a Foxbody Mustang.  But, if you read their articles you’ll see that they recommend the 94-95 Mustang spindles with a stock K member.  Their website is a trove of knowledge when it comes to the foxes.  They built parts for and raced one for right at 20 years until the chassis became obsolete in competition.


Maximum Motorsports 96-04 Spindle Warning


Reading the above link will give you quick insight.  These tech articles are straight to the point which is excellent from an engineering and racing perspective.


In a good discussion with Beau when I was ordering the Maximum Motorsports parts for the Race Car he pushed the 94-95 spindle thought process on me.  I honestly hadn’t given it too much detailed thought, but because of his on track experience, it was an easy sell. So thanks to Beau we did score a set of 94-95 spindles.  They are in need of hubs which isn’t a big deal because they have to have extended studs installed in them. Hopefully the MM parts arrive in the coming months so we can get the race car on the ground as a roller.

Below are the part numbers cast into the back of the spindles if you’re looking for another way to identify them. 


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