Can’t Run Tailpipes – What Do We Do?

By: Bob Goodson
May 2, 2022

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The original plan to this was to run a factory style tailpipe on the race car. BUT, as usual, it had other plans for us.  Since we didn’t build this chassis we’re relegated to what was done before unless we want to get into redoing fabrication, which we don’t.  So instead of reinventing the wheel we set out to find a solution for tailpipes.  

As you can see above, we went the route of side exit for obvious reasons.  And in our research we came across Spintech’s offerings outside of their mufflers.  They have all the supplies for someone to fabricate what they want in the way of an exhaust.  It was a pleasant surprise as we were already planning to cut up U bends and fabricate what we wanted.  But, for $220 we were able to get the side exit exhaust pipes with all the right bends and even flat spots to go under the subframe connectors. With the time we would put into building something like this, it only made sense to get the debit card warmed up and pull the trigger online.

Click This Link To See The Spintech Offerings

I’m sure you’ve already spotted that those mufflers are not Spintech units.  We’re really working to try to save what hearing we have left.  The Spintech units do sound good as we’ve had friends who have run them on their cars. But, after 30 years of guitar playing (60-70 gigs a year at one point) we’ve lost a bit of hearing and battle tinnitus a little already.  Being around loud cars and loud guitars are awesome, but we’re paying for it.  LOL!! With that being said, if I didn’t answer you at a show when you saw me, it is likely because I didn’t hear you.

So we decided to run some Dynomax Super Turbo’s with the inlet/outlet on the same side.  These will still be fairly loud, but will help tone it down some.  Ear protection will definitely be key at the track.  Most race cars run a bullet style muffler.  Not sure it qualifies as a muffler, but it fits the description in the rules.  


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