Correct Intake Gaskets – Felpro 1262S3

By: Bob Goodson
May 10, 2021

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Sometimes you get lucky.  I heard someone say once “I’ll take a little luck over skill any day!”.  Ever since then I’ve been saying that phrase because it is true. That’s the case with this Cobra lower intake and the SVO Y302 aluminum heads.  Hold that thought for a minute.

Previously in our post here about the intake gasket ports being too small we failed to notice that the heads have been “massaged” a little. So as you can see in that post the intake ports on the gasket are way too small.  The heads have had some work done to them as this is not the original size of the Y302 head.  

From the looks of things it was done with care and material removed from the right areas.  Sadly, I have seen bad porting jobs in the past where people actually reduce flow characteristics by removing material.  Bigger is not better.  With a motor the key is the Velocity of the air moving through it. And when porting a method of fluid dynamics has to be applied so that material is removed from the correct spots to increase velocity of the air going through the motor. Remember, the motor is just a big air pump.  

We got lucky with this setup because the intake and the heads were bought from two different people.  It just so happens that both the intake and the heads were ported to a 1262 dimension gasket.  Now, whether or not the material was removed properly is anyones guess, but the areas where material was removed does look good.  


We were surprised to see how well the ports are aligning.  There is room for improvement in cam selection in the future. But, for now this is a budget build and the race car will definitely have lower lap times in it than we will be capable of to start.  The key is getting to the track safely and reliably. That’s the goal.  Then once some training and seat time have set in, we’ll focus on areas of improvement on the car.  


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