Disassembled the 302 and Rut-Roh! Decisions Have to be Made…

By: Bob Goodson
November 2, 2020

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We tore down the 302 Windsor engine for the race car recently. This was an engine out of one of our cars.  Unfortunately the engine has sat for 5 years and the lower intake was removed when the engine was taken out of the car.

Coolant ran down into two of the cylinders and they are rusted. One cylinder cleaned up ok enough to run. The other has pits that are grabbing our fingernail. So a simple hone and re-ring of the cylinders is out of the question. We’re in full on rebuild mode now.

Budget is definitely a concern. However, this is an opportunity to get more out of the motor. What can we do? Domed pistons to raise compression? Better camshaft? Keep in mind the original goal to this was to get a mostly stock motor in the car and get some behind the wheel experience. Once we got some training, then we would upgrade the motor as we go for more power.

What do we do? Help us out here and give us some paths to consider. What would you do and keep it budget friendly? The block will have to get a .030 over bore for sure.

Keep in mind.  This is being built for road racing.  Not drag racing. 


  1. Michael Yount

    .030” over for sure. Compression bump will help, but don’t go crazy, especially with cast iron heads – 10:0-10.5:1. More static CR will give you more camshaft choices … but I’d still build a 5000-5500 rpm motor to help the thinwall 2-bolt main block live.

    • Bob Goodson

      Working to find some pistons that can give 10.5 to 11:1 compression. So far it’s 9.5:1 or 12.5:1. Continuing to do more research. The heads we’re going to use are the Y302 aluminum heads. Saving weight. 😎


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