Engine Parts – Back From Machine Shop

By: Bob Goodson
February 2, 2021

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Even though we had a quick setback with the bell-housing we are moving forward with the motor.  The sale of the bell-housing helped this effort.  We were able to score $370 out of the bell-housing and all of this machine work set us back $1293.95.  

The following was done. 


bored to 4.030, mains were align honed, new brass freeze plugs, new cam bearings

– Rotating Assembly –

Balanced and bearings checked for clearance.  Rods were reconditioned too.

– Heads- 

New TFS springs put on to increase seat pressure for extended high rpm use.  

We couldn’t wait.  We immediately installed the crank in the block when we got home. Up next is to fully assemble the piston rings and install the ring clips for the wrist pins. 

Once we get those together we’ll fully assemble the short block and then spritz it with some paint.

So the total so far is:

Machine Work: $1293.95

Bell-housing sale: -$370

Balance Carried Over: $4472.25

Total: $5396.20


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