Getting Started in Road Racing

By: Bob Goodson
April 28, 2020

This chassis was purchased almost two years ago now.  It has sat in South Carolina at a friends family farm in a chicken coop since it was purchased.  The plan all along was to get it functional again and back into competition.  Thing is, I don’t have a competition license.  I’ve got to get one.  So the goal of this build is to complete a car that will allow me to get a competition license. 

Along the way we’re going to track the costs of this build and see where it falls financially at the end.  There may be multiple rounds of this as we go because the first setup will be to get the car reliable and safe. Meeting the specific rules for a particular group to run in will come later. Hopefully we get that far with this car.  We’ll be running in some NASA coached events. 

Out of the gate the most important thing is seat time at the track.  That’s going to be the biggest improvement factor overall.  The chassis and setup will come with knowledge and track time.  

How much will it cost? Will we be able to keep it shiny side up once it’s on the track? What parts do we have in the garage already? Stay tuned to find out.  Any takers on a bet as to what the total will be for round 1? 


  1. Michael H Yount

    OK buddy — time for an update!!!!

    • Bob Goodson

      You’re right! I’ve got to get the 90 Saleen out of the spot so I can work on this one. Need more space!


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