GT40 Intake?? – Why use this instead of the Downs Box Upper?

By: Bob Goodson
November 13, 2022

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The iconic GT40 intake. That tubular intake which was light and added performance to the trusty 5.0 fuel injected motors of the Ford Mustang from 1986-1995. 
This one showed up in a local sale and was one that had had a couple of small repairs.  So the owner posted it at a fair price and we had to jump on it. It was perfect for the race car because we found another use for the Downs Ford GT40 Box upper intake we have. 
It’s pretty crazy what these intakes go for these days. 

So we had to install the intake right away for a couple of reasons.  One, we wanted to see it on the motor and two, we knew there was going to be an interference with our catch can breather setup.  We’re using some 83 Mustang 5.0 valve covers we scored from a friend which are taller and have screw in cap provisions for the breathers.  Standard fare on any 83-85 Mustang 5.0. 

Note how close that breather insert is in that front right valve cover. And that’s using one that’s specific to an old Bronco which is shorter than the one on the back left that is stock to the 83-85 Mustang 5.0.  So obviously the next challenge is getting that breather solved to complete the catch can.  I know that I’m being hard headed with this and that a simple solution would be to just go get another set of valve covers and weld in a couple of bungs and then connect some quick connects to it and call it a day. But, that’s not what I want to do. So I’ll work to find that solution or make one. What I don’t want to do is modify the valve cover itself. 


  1. Darren Reed

    Interested read so how are you doing the catch can should build thread in fittings if it has thread in breathers my what did you end up with so far

    • Bob Goodson

      Screw in fittings are the best option but that really isn’t in my budget. The setup right now is old school with an insert from a 60’s Ford going into the valve cover. The hoses are 5/8″ heading over to a catch can on the rear firewall. I’ve got some updates to provide for this project. Plans are changing due to life’s circumstances.


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