Hurst Shifter for the T5 in the Race Car

By: Bob Goodson
September 28, 2020

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We found an old Hurst Competition shifter for the T5 transmission going into the race car.

When I owned my 1988 Mustang GT, this was the first mod I did to it.  The car was bone stock when I bought it.  Down to the air silencer.  It was like a right of passage when I drove it over to The Hot Rod Barn, a local race shop and supplier at the time, and bought this exact type of shifter brand new.  I want to say it was $140 plus tax at the time.  I’ve since sold the car and I assume it still has the shifter in it unless its been changed out.

It’s amazing how such a simple modification can make a world of difference in the driving experience.  It’s almost like adding a gated shifter.  Ok, so that may be a stretch, but you get what I’m talking about.  It adds confidence in driving the car aggressively. And that’s precisely what we’ll be doing when we go to the race track. 

Above is a 94-95 shift knob.  It just so happens that this came from the Bleakley Saleen that we’re working to bring back closer to as delivered to the first owner.  

This shift knob is the style I bought brand new at the dealership back in 1999 for $45. It is simply an 84-95 5 speed shift knob from a Mustang wrapped in leather and embossed with the gear shift pattern. 

The leather wrapping makes it the perfect size.  The factory plastic shift knob has always felt small to me.  This leather wrapped one is what I preferred and still do.  So we got lucky that the Bleakley Saleen had this in it.  A nice score for $0. 

Somewhere in our stash is a stock shifter handle to mate the two together.  I’ve got a little trick up my sleeve on attaching the stock handle to the Hurst shifter base. As soon as we find that handle, we’ll do a quick writeup on it. 

Until then, here’s our total. 

Balance carried over is $3713.24

+ $70 for the Hurst Shifter

Total so far $3783.24


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