Intake Gasket – Who’s the Fool That Bought This?

By: Bob Goodson
April 28, 2021

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Something doesn’t look right.  Can you spot it?

No, it’s not that the gasket isn’t lined up.  that’s done on purpose.  Take another look.  Do you see the issue?

If you’ve got a good eye you’ll see that the intake port is larger than the gasket port opening.

The lower intake also has the same issue.  I knew the ports had been “massaged” a little on the intake and the intake ports on the head but wasn’t aware that they had been opened up beyond removing any “casting flashing”.

We’re going to have to measure the ports and see what gasket size we need to grab.  Our bet is that it is a “1262” that people used to open ports up to.

Getting this right is key to airflow.  Whether or not the heads and intake were ported properly for the best volumetric efficiency is anyones guess.  Hopefully they were and if they are not, they will still work but probably not to their peak potential.  Again, this is a cheap, sort of.., build to get to the track.  The only seat time we’ve had is 1/4 mile and mountain roads.  So this will be an experience.  Definitely subscribe to the YouTube channel.  We will be very open and honest when it comes to learning how to drive. At this point we’re shooting for a December event in 2021.  That may seem like a long time, but it’s not a lot to get a car fully ready with all the other stuff going on in the shop. We are excited though.  


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