Lakewood Scatter Shield Bellhousing – Ford 289-302-351

By: Bob Goodson
October 13, 2020

In my quest to keep this a low budget build and replicate what anyone would do in their garage or at home I keep perusing the classifieds looking for parts I need.  

A discussion came up several months ago, when we had a lot of time on our hands, between myself and Michael Yount (who’s writing this blog about his Carolla HERE) and he asked what bellhousing I was planning on using.  I mentioned a stock bellhousing because that’s what I had from another project.  He then asked “what are your feet and legs worth?” which puts things into perspective.  

So I was able to score a Lakewood bellhousing local to me from a drag racer changing combos.  It’s part number 15200 that fits a small block Ford.  It was perfect for me for $375. It is a little out of date but won’t be an issue to pass tech for training.  

We’re starting at the bottom and have to work our way up.  The biggest mod at first will be the grey matter between the ears.  Once we get some sessions under our belt and move up there will be some things that we may have to change on the car to meet the rules of competition.  If we get that far. 

Totals so far?  

Balance Carried over – $3783.24

Total with Bellhousing – $4158.24

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  1. Michael Yount

    Yes. Just yes.


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