Mach 1 Calipers – Inexpensive Rebuilt Replacements

By: Bob Goodson
September 8, 2020

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Over the course of a few months some parts have come together.  I bought a set of Baer Brakes modified Foxbody spindles with rotors and caliper brackets.  This setup uses a custom hub with a 13″ Corvette rotor and Corvette 2 piston PBR calipers. These calipers are the same caliper used on the 1993 Cobra R Mustang, the 1994-2004 Mustang Cobra, and was an option as a brake upgrade on the C4 Corvette.  

The setup came sans calipers. It’s a good thing too because the caliper brackets are ones that Baer took some material off of to make work with this setup.  

I saw these sitting at Blue Oval Classics when we had Almost 4 up there on the dyno.  When I asked how much he wanted for them I gave them some serious thought.  He just wanted $250 for the setup which included a set of Griggs GR40 bump steer kit tie rod ends. 

I went home and did some thinking on it.  The Fox spindle is a robust design.  It uses two tapered roller bearings for inner and outer support.  They are also serviceable bearings.  The SN95 spindles are the ticket for inexpensive rotors and pads.  But, the bearings are a sealed ball bearing pressed into the hub which doesn’t hold up to road racing conditions like a tapered roller bearing would. 

Given all the thought around serviceable items and being inexpensive I called Beau back and said I would take them.  I paid him that day and picked them up several weeks later because when I bought them we were all in lock down.  It was good timing for Beau too because that shutdown hurt him a little being a small business. 

Fast forward to now and I had searched online for some Cobra calipers. It seems everyone was selling pairs of these with mileage on them for $200-300 bux.  The lower end was usually a mismatched set, read Mach 1 caliper for one and a Cobra caliper for the other, and the higher end included brackets and hardware.

All of those options were used and would need rebuilt.  The pads were of no use to me as I will need something aggressive that can take some heat.  

Once I did some digging I found that the Mach 1, non labeled, calipers on Rock Auto were very reasonably priced for rebuilt units.  So for $255.42 I was able to score two calipers with new hardware.  

In conversations with Baer, they still make the hub and it is better than the ones on this set. They make them out of a different material.  So as long as I don’t bend the spindle we should be good to go on the track because everything is serviceable. Even the rotors are available in a floating two piece rotor.  

For $505.42 that isn’t bad for a front brake setup that includes a Griggs GR40 bump steer kit.

So far we’ve spent the following.

Balance carried over $3057.82

Plus brakes at $505.42

Total so far is $3563.24


  1. Michael Yount

    Coming along Bob!

    • Bob Goodson

      Thank you. Slowly but surely. Need to get the chassis back to the shop to put parts on it.


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