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By: Bob Goodson
July 11, 2021

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Well… it was rather anti climactic with putting the K Member in the car.  There was a lot more pomp and circumstance getting it “prepared” to go into the car.  See our previous post.. HERE 

All kinds of struggles removing the A arm due to a frozen bolt.  But, it went in really quick. Check out the Video.  We mention 79-93 K member specifics that are worth noting if your’e looking for specific details on them. 

Before we tighten it down we’ve got to measure the suspension point distances to make sure the K member is aligned in the car properly.

It’s a simple process.  You hang plumb bobs from the same suspension points on both sides of the car.  You mark the floor in four spots where the plumb bobs are pointing on the floor and measure each side front to back and make sure the measurements are the same on both sides.

We are having to change direction on the A arms.  Our stock versions we were beefing up are going to have to be traded for SN95 94-04 units.  That’s because the chassis has been modified to accept those. Check out the video above to see what it looks like.  It’s just part of inheriting a project that’s been modified by someone else.  If you’ve been in the car hobby and bought a vehicle you’ve been here before. 


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