Oil Pump and Lifters for The Race Car Motor

By: Bob Goodson
February 23, 2021

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Last week we were hoping to get the long block fully assembled but couldn’t because we were waiting on some parts.  Seems that is the norm these days as some things are back ordered and even out of production right now due to all the shutdowns in 2020.  

The oil pump is one that we’ll be using from now on in our builds.  This one is what should have gone into our Almost 4 Project. It’s got extra support and is one where we can change the bypass pressure point with the spring.  It also comes with an oil pump drive shaft that is an upgrade from a stock one.  

Next up are the lifters.  I will say we gave a lot of thought to putting the heads on but based on previous experience it is easier to install the lifters when the heads are off the short block.  They can be put in with the heads on but it is just easier with them off of the short block.  

If you haven’t seen it yet.  Check out the time lapse of the tear down and build back up of the engine.  


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