Older Tail Lights and Suspension

By: Bob Goodson
June 9, 2020

These are the suspension parts that came off of the Saleen.  They are Maximum Motorsports Sport coil-over shocks that are customized Bilstein units that will hold up to street and heavier track use.  We’re putting the Bleakley Impressor Saleen back stock and these parts are perfect to get us started on the race car.  

These rear shocks are the versions that have the small C clip collar at the bottom to hold coil overs.  The ultimate desire is to have coil overs on all four corners.  But out of the gate we’ll have to use what we have. 

Above are two sets of tail lights.  The upper set came off of the race car.  They are now installed on the Bleakley Impressor Saleen (click link to see that Blog post). 

The lower set is a set from an 85-86 Mustang that are in good shape.  The reason for buying these is two fold.  

  1. I needed the 87-93 Mustang LX tail lights to go on the Saleen and they are in decent shape. 
  2. The 83-86 Mustang tail lights are lighter than the 87-93 Mustang LX tail lights.  

So for $60 we couldn’t pass up that deal. We’ll work them over to make them look better and paint them up to look like 85-86 Mustang SVO and 1993 Cobra tail lights.  Stay tuned for that transformation.  


So we’re tracking these costs on this car to see how much it is going to run to go racing. So far we have the following.

Chassis: $1000 initial purchase. Sold some parts off of it which totals $400.  So $600 total invested after the sale of parts not needed.

Tail Lights: $60

Suspension: $0

So right now we’re sitting at $660.


  1. JP

    I am shocked that 83-86 taillights are lighter than 87-93. Would have assumed same housing and different lens

    • Bob Goodson

      You’re correct in that the housing is the same. But the lens is lighter. Not by much but every ounce counts in racing. All adds up to pounds in the end.

  2. Michael Yount

    You’re gonna have to shave the beard Bob – for weight. Actually, for fire safety…a good idea to go without.

    • Bob Goodson

      I’ve given that some thought. That’s for sure.


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