Power Steering Pulley – Again??

By: Bob Goodson
July 19, 2021

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Have you ever bought something and then shortly after you find a better deal on the same thing or maybe you made a compromise in getting something that “would work” only to find exactly what you need later?  This has happened to me countless times in my life.  Especially when I go to swap meets. Something you may have bought off of eBay or maybe it was an online purchase. 

For me this time it was the latter AND the former. We bought this power steering pulley about a month ago. 

Now what I really wanted was an OE unit.  But it seems that the online options for original pieces was limited.  There was one on eBay but it was chipped.  That was the only one I could find.  So when I walked into the parts room in our recent visit to the junkyard and saw a stack of them on a shelf I snatched one.  

When I returned back to the shop I immediately was digging through the paperwork to make sure I could return the one I bought.  I went online and was able to find out that I was still within the window of opportunity to return it.  It is now on its way back to the supplier for a refund.  This is good news as we’re going to have to put a little money into the control arm situation on the car. We’ve had to change direction there due to the sway bar mounts on the chassis being changed to SN95. 

More news on that later. The good news is that we get to subtract from the total this time. 

Pulley Cost – $26.17

Total So Far – $6295.92


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