Safety First!! Romac Balancer

By: Bob Goodson
July 17, 2022

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In a perfect world there would be no budget limit and I could build things the way I want them to be.  That world would include a “zero balanced” motor to where there’s no need to hang big weights on either end of the crankshaft.  Unfortunately I don’t have that big of a budget to put towards this and we’re doing what we can when we can to help make things as safe and reliable as possible.  Emphasis on the safe.  That brings me to why we’re posting this.  The engine balancer. 

This is an SFI approved balancer.  Choosing this was easy as we’ve put them on our projects before.  But, we didn’t put the gold series on our previous vehicles. This one is lighter than the ones we’ve used which will reduce the rotating mass on the front of the motor.  It’s still a 50oz imbalance.  It’s part number Romac 0241SA-50.  

The reason we’re putting this on is because the factory balancer uses a rubber insulator between the outer ring and center section.  Those have been known to separate due to age and the rubber cracking and also fail at extended high rpm use.  There are other choices on the market for this, but this is one we really like because we don’t have to use any kind of spacer for the crank pulley.  This one already has the correct mounting flange machined into the unit itself.  Although Romac does make one where you can use an aluminum spacer for the pulley based on the front accessories application and that may save a few ounces. That’s something to consider if you’re reading this and are looking at options.  


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