Saleen Momo – You Bought The Wrong One??

By: Bob Goodson
September 19, 2022

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In our last post we talked about the Saleen Momo Steering Wheel and our good friend David Willett brought up another detail we need to discuss on these. 

We’ve all done it.  You found the best deal on a part and before you know it you’ve bought it and really didn’t dig too deep into the details.  It looked legit from the quick glance and you just threw down your hard earned money for it.  

After the adrenaline rush comes down you start to look closer and you notice some details that aren’t exactly like they should be. And then you start asking questions you should have asked before you pulled the mouse trigger on that purchase. 

Looking at the picture above this Momo Steering wheel looks just like the ones that came in the 1986 to 1989 Saleen Mustangs. The angle of the picture doesn’t show a lot of the details we need to look for to see what kind it is. This particular Steering wheel was one of many sold for around $110 on eBay in 2021.  For many it was certainly worth the risk of buying. Especially considering how expensive Saleen Momo Steering wheels are getting. 

If we take a much closer look at this one you can see a seam around the outer edge of the steering wheel. This isn’t a normal trait of the Saleen Momo Steering Wheel since they are wrapped in a type of leather/vinyl.  So this seam isn’t something you would normally see.  Check out our previous post of the Saleen Momo Steering Wheel.

You’ll notice that the outside of the steering wheel is smooth. There is no seam. 

Also, if we flip this wheel over you’ll see an unusual mark on the back.  It’s a round dime size impression.  This is also something that isn’t apparent on an original Saleen Momo Steering wheel. The back of the original style wheel has the leather seams coming together and they are glued. 

Something else here that jumps out once it is held in your hand is that this thing feels like a rubber sponge.  And the stitching is just a formed piece in the rubber.  It’s not actual stitching at all. 

So as you can see at first glance this thing looks legit! But, once all the details are added up the steering wheel looks the part but is actually what many have concluded as a “marine grade” Momo Steering wheel used in marine applications.  Which makes sense because you need a water resistant wheel. 

Although it isn’t 100% accurate, it’s definitely a GREAT option for a wheel that is completely roasted out.  Call it a good replacement for a “driver” car.  We actually bought this one for our race car. 

Because David brought up this in our conversation on our Purist Motorsports Facebook page we thought it would be a good post to make to educate people on these minor differences so that you’re “in the know” of the details and you don’t spend A LOT of your hard earned money on something that isn’t 100% correct.  These steering wheels do have their place as a replacement, but we sure don’t want to see anyone pay 600, 700 or even 900 bucks for one and not know that it isn’t correct. 

Happy Hunting on your Saleen parts!

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  1. Kevin

    Good article bob. Just like that guy on eBay is trying to sell an exact wheel for 1500 bucks. Either he’s trying to rip someone off or he actually thinks he has a legit wheel. Hopefully nobody spends their hard earned money on a wheel that’s barely worth 50-100 bucks! Thanks again for the great article.


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