Shifter Boot for the Hurst Competition T5 Shifter

By: Bob Goodson
October 19, 2020

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When we bought the Hurst Shifter (See original post here) it was obviously used.  When purchased new it came with a shifter boot and a couple of zip ties to attach it.

Hurst has long since discontinued this style of shifter which presented a fun challenge in finding an original style shifter boot. The new Hurst shifters are a completely different style machined out of a piece of metal instead of cast like these old units. See the pic below. 

The old style shifter base isn’t round.  It’s actually more square which makes the shifter boot shaped completely different.

Luckily in a search we were able to find a replacement for the original HERE on eBay. This was a huge help as the only other option is a used one and many of these were just thrown away over the years by users. This is also a high wear item as it is exposed to the elements when sitting on top of the transmission.  Hence the reason we want one.  That and it seals up the cabin for safety in racing. 

It’s an easy install.  The first thing is that the stock Mustang shifter boot has to be cut.  A really sharp razor blade can take care of it.  Be sure to be careful and cut it at the first wrinkle trying not to make any jagged edges.  The jagged edges can tear when it is pulled over the hurst boot. 

Once that is cut, you simply pull the first part of the Hurst shifter boot through that hole.  It creates a good seal for driving.  This can be done on a daily driver because this is how we did it on our 1988 Mustang GT over 20 years ago. That car was driven daily for many years without issue. 


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