Taillight Transformation from Standard Mustang to 1993 Cobra

By: Bob Goodson
December 15, 2020

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In our previous post about the taillights you can see that we found them local to us for $60.  A pretty good deal for some lights that aren’t cracked and broken. They are aged a little and have some small checking. Perfect for a race car! 

We had two driver side housings and one passenger side.  The one passenger side housing had the older style coarse thread screw studs.  Not sure when that change happened in production but my best guess was when 1987 production started and the tail light design changed.  So we moved the studs from one driver side housing to the passenger side.  That way all the hardware matched on the car.  Makes it easier to service. 

After changing those out we removed all the butyl tape from the housings and spritzed the reflectors with some new chrome paint.  We want to make SURE people do see the brake lights on the track. 

These turned out alright for a race car.  There are a couple of runs in the paint but that won’t matter on the track.  A Fox Mustang restoration would be a different story. 

At this point we’ve got to go buy some butyl tape for the seals and lens holding. Once we get the lenses back on we’ll give them a good buff with the tail light polishing kit we have and then tape them up to look like 93 Cobra lenses.  Painted the proper charcoal grey of course. Stay tuned to the YouTube Channel for that video to drop.  

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  1. Mayo Sturgell

    Great port Bob, very informative.


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