This Is Why It Takes Forever…

By: Bob Goodson
November 2, 2023
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I’ve spread myself too thin.  This is because I’m a sucker for a project. Recently I found myself staring at so many personal projects and I realized that I could likely keep them all and only make progress in inches due to budget constraints OR I could sell a couple of things and then start pushing forward through some major steps on the couple of cars I need to focus on.

I bought (back) a 1993 Cobra from a buddy of mine who bought the car from me as a roller three years ago.  I realized within a week that I had bitten off too much with it because I also have this race car to finish and there’s still work to do on my 1990 Saleen. AND there’s also another 1993 Mustang project I haven’t even introduced to all of my social media and here on the website yet.  So as you can see, I’m capable of jumping at projects because I like to keep myself running in circles. Ha!

Here are some pics of the 1993 Cobra. It’s now sold and off to one of my good friends life long best friend.  This now completes the trifecta for him.  He’s owned one in each color.

The reason I bit off more than I could chew with this car is because the whole fuel system needed going through because it sat out in the heat and the gas turned to varnish.  Come to find out another reason it wouldn’t run is because the fuel pump “sock” filter had turned to mud (because the gas was varnish and ate it up) and stopped up the fuel pump.  It was at this point that I took inventory and said, I’ve got too much going on.  Luckily I was able to find the right buyer for it and move the car to the right home.

This is why my projects take a long time to complete.  I’m totally chasing squirrels.  My biggest problem is seeing the potential in everything.  It could be a run down pocket watch, grandfather clock, house, old lawnmower, tractor…etc.  Whatever it is I can see beyond the current condition to the end result of what it could be. So I end up chasing them like a bass fish going after that flashy lure in the water.  Only to grab it and go… uh oh… this might be a mistake. Note I said might be… That’s because there’s a potential upside to all things. 

Fast forward to now and I was able to score a little something for this race car that I’ve had in the background for a few years. I’m frugal, not cheap, when it comes to things and this part jumped out at me on eBay.  Come to find out it was The Parts Farm who was selling it.  They sent me a good offer on it with free shipping and I snagged it.  This is a 1994-1998 Mustang Cobra power steering cooler.  The reason behind this is obvious, the power steering needs cooling when on the track.  The little tube on the 83-93 Mustang that is a cooler just isn’t enough.  This one is better with the finned core around it.  

Truth be told, I really wanted the 03-04 Cobra cooler for the car because it is longer with a higher cooling capacity.  But, I was being frugal with this and didn’t want to spend that kind of $$$$ on it.  So, this one will do until it won’t do.  If you know what I mean there.  

The beauty of installing this on a fox is that it is a real simple deal.  The right side of the cooler mounts in the same location as the OE power steering cooler.  The left side will mount if you drill one hole on the left side of a mounting hole punched into the core support.  All you have to do is move the clip from the right side to the left side after drilling that hole and this cooler mounts in super quick.  Easy upgrade.  Now, there may be some challenge with an A/C condenser core if that’s on the car.  But, that’s no concern here.  


  1. kelin Santana

    Hey Bob yes I like the way the car set you know all the different colors that’s when you see someone is doing a nice job getting OEM part and put in the car together the right way it’s always amazing to see thatI would like to see it when it’s all together and done

    • Bob Goodson

      Thanks Kelin. The devil is in the details. I will say that the paint on the replacement parts is good enough but if I were making a showcar, the whole car would need to come apart. I’m doing my best to not go there. Ha! The OCD struggle is real.


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