What to do?? – Rebuild Control Arms – Or Buy New??

By: Bob Goodson
July 21, 2021

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I’m undecided as to what to do here.  Sometimes you can be too “chintsy” as my Mom would say in trying to save money. We’ve mentioned that we’re having to switch from 79-93 Foxbody front A arms to SN95 94-04 front A arms.

With the Foxbody A arms we were going to be “all in” for less than $200.  We installed new balljoints in them and had a set of Delrin bushings on the way from Global West to install in them.  The balljoints were free in that they came with another purchase. It was a win win for me to get to the track and then upgrade later as money and time allowed.

In my recent trip to the junkyard I was able to trade these control arms in the pics above for some SN95 units. But, the SN95 units need new balljoints.  One of them is fine but the other is shot. And with brakes and suspension I’m a big believer in doing both sides if you do one.  So now we’re into at least $100 minimum for two of the basic Moog balljoint. For the Ford OE supplier unit its more like $80 each. The Moog balljoint combined with the Delrin bushing replacement puts the cost just shy of $300. For $100 more you can get into a set of aftermarket units with urethane bushings. 

So the question is, which route to take? Save $100 or spend $400 on lighter brand new units? 


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