Wheels for the Race Car – AKT Logic – R701’s

By: Bob Goodson
August 25, 2020

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These wheels are very rare, hard to find and without a doubt my favorite wheel on a Fox Mustang.  So it makes perfect sense to put them on a race car right??

Truth is, these are period correct with the Baer brake setup going on the race car.  Baer sold these wheels in the early 90’s because they cleared the big brakes they had at the time.  

I had a set of these on 1993 Saleen #57 years ago.  Sold them, then bought them back and last year I sold them to a friend for his 1993 Saleen he was building.

I was perusing the interwebs for parts as I usually do and an auction in Japan caught my eye when searching for these wheels.  I took a look and there were no bids and the opening bid equated to what was about $350 U.S. dollars.  So I found a company that would bid on your behalf and then ship them to their warehouse and then repackage, if needed, then ship them out overseas. Heck… that seemed like a no brainer.

Well… what I thought was going to be a good deal ended up being more of a fair deal.  After shipping and fees I’ve got just over $1200 invested in the wheels.

So if we add up the totals.  This is where we are.

Previous carried over balance – $1857.82

Wheels – $1200

Total so far – $3057.82

It’s really difficult to show how good these wheels look when they are off the car.  They look good off the car but on the car they look awesome.  They have this perfect concave face to them that just looks right on the Fox Mustang.  

This is a wheel that Saleen used for a VERY short time in their 1993 production year.  Out of right at 100 cars made, I’ve only seen pics of two with these wheels.  And they look Uuuuuh- mAze-ing.

Above: 1993 Saleen #57 with Logic wheels


  1. Jay

    What’s the difference between logic wheels and flat-face sterns?

    • Bob Goodson

      The flat face Sterns are more similar to the Speedlines. These Logic wheels have a larger lip and are more concaved than either of those. I tried snapping a pic to show that in this post, but it’s pretty hard to show in photo.

  2. Michael Yount

    How are they weight-wise Bob?

    • Bob Goodson

      Just weighed one. 22.5lbs. Not the lightest, but not crazy porky heavy. I’m sure a lighter wheel will come along in the future. 😉


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