Air Filters…Won’t Fit?? Hold my Beer….

By: Bob Goodson
March 23, 2020

Author: Michael Yount

The car came with 2.25″ tall velocity stacks on the 40mm Solex side draft carbs.  Great looks but not functional for the street.  And I intend to drive it.  So air filters are a must.  I ordered a set of ebay filters/housings for the Solex’s.  However, there’s a factory bracket between the firewall and the passenger side strut tower that interferes with the filter on the rearmost carb.

So I removed the bracket and cut off the horizontal piece.  I made a heavy paper template which would move the horizontal piece from the top of the bracket to the bottom of the bracket.  This would allow the bracket to be just as strong (actually stronger I think) but clear the rear filter.

A little bending/shaping of the sheet metal and welding things together and voila – rear filter fits!


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