Catch Can – Easy Breathing Crankcase

By: Bob Goodson
May 17, 2020
The car had a crude PCV set up — a single intake runner was used as a vacuum source to pull through the valve on the valve cover; the other end of the valve cover had a small filter on it to allow make up air to enter the crankcase.  I wasn’t happy having just one runner ‘pulling’ on the crankcase – pretty sure that throws the vacuum signal to that carb throat off.  So I decided I’d just vent the crankcase to atmosphere through a catch can.  I’d wanted to re-locate the battery (driver’s side front) to the trunk – and that creates a great spot for the catch can.
Picked up a first rate can from McNally Electronics.  Had to sand/paint as they silk screened their logo in HUGE letters down the side of the can.

Cardboard template — using the battery tray mounting points for the can’s bottom support.

Cut the support out of aluminum.  The can has a barbed drain fitting on the bottom with a piece of hose so you can drain out the bottom – that goes through the hole in the bracket, with a rubber grommet for the can to sit on.

Chucked the wire brush up in the drill press and put a little pattern on the brackets for something different.

Used my 5″ bench vice brake to bend the top bracket — which just happened to line up perfectly with an existing hole in the inner fender.

5/8″ hose will connect the valve cover vent to one of the open can fittings; the other will be capped.


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