Distributor Lock Down – Revisited

By: Bob Goodson
August 16, 2020

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Author: Michael Yount

You may recall from one of the previous episodes, I cut off the portion of the distributor that the factory used to lock it into position.  I did this so I could rotate the housing 90 degrees and avoid interference with the front side draft carb/manifold.  That left me using a spacer and a big washer holding the distributor in place.  The original 2TC motor that came in the car had a neat little “claw foot” clamp for the distributor — but I’ve been unable to score one out there in the great big world.  So I elected to make something.  Started with a heavy-paper template.

Took a piece of rectangular tubing and cut off one of the short ends — and then opened up the two longer legs.

Fabricated a little cap for that.

Welded, filed, cleaned up.

A little more custom fitting — the all important notch.

Figuring out the right placement of the hole for the hold down bolt.

Painted and in place.


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