Emblems and Exterior Details

By: Bob Goodson
July 5, 2020

Author: Michael Yount


I’ve always enjoyed little touches that ‘make the car mine’ – but look like something the factory might have done.  Big kudos to Dave Barton out in TX – he’s my go to for helping me make custom emblems using adhesive vinyl overlays.
This TE21 came originally with a 2TC hemi 1.6L engine.  It had little “1600” emblems in the grill and on the deck lid.  When Mr. Diaz built the car, the original 1600 motor was replaced with a 3TC — basically an 1800 cc version of the same engine — a 7mm longer stroke in a different block.  I wanted the emblems to reflect the motor in the car.  A nice little touch – especially because this body style never came with the 3TC/1800cc motor.  The colors match the colors we used with the vintage Toyota logos on the wheel center caps.

The Corolla’s of this vintage had a very specific emblem in the center of the grille.  It has a stylized “C” with a crown of blossoms or stars.  Here’s a picture off of an ebay ad (asking $103!!!)  for an original one.

Mine was in a little worse shape than the one above.  So, bring on the red Testor’s lacquer paint and a toothpick.


  1. Jay

    Nice touch!!

  2. Michael Yount

    Thanks Jay – I love doing little things like this that most folks don’t even notice.


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