Fiberglass Rear Bumper Fabrication – 1973 Toyota Corolla

By: Bob Goodson
October 24, 2021

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In 1974 the US government mandated 5 mph bumpers.  On these old Corollas they were huge.  Thankfully my ‘73 has the smaller bumpers.

But even so, I’d like them to be smaller, one piece (the rear is three pieces) and more closely tucked to the body.  So I’m gonna lay up new bumpers using the OEM pieces as molds.  Here is the rear bumper – center piece and the two wrap around corners.

And here they are after sanding, polishing and waxing the inside so the fiberglass will release.

Here I’ve laid up the fiberglass in the “molds”.

And here, the released pieces.

Here I’ve trimmed the pieces and have them taped together for mock up.


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