Fiberglass Rear Bumper Fabrication – Part 2 – Finished Product

By: Bob Goodson
October 31, 2021

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Previously Michael started the fiberglass bumper and you can see that post HERE

Once I glassed the 3 pieces into one – lots of marking and fiddling to make brackets that allow the bumper to sit tight to the body.

There are brackets on each side of the car under the taillights and one in the center.  The bracket you see above has a bolt that sticks out towards the car, passes through a hole in the body and a nut goes on the inside.  But the wrap arounds pose a problem – can’t slide the bumper into place with a bolt sticking out of those.  My buddy Brad suggested strong neodymium magnets to secure the wrap arounds.  Worked perfectly – magnet is secured to a bolt head through the hole in the fender.  And it “grabs” another simple metal bracket riveted to the bumper.  Slide the rear studs through the holes in the back of the car and as you move the bumper into place you can hear the “click” as the magnets grab the wrap arounds.

The magnet grabbing the clip.

After lots of block sanding/filling – final product.

Pretty happy with the fit.


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