Interior Bits, Interior door handle surrounds

By: Bob Goodson
April 6, 2020

Author: Michael Yount

The upholstery on the car had been completely redone.  They used much thicker padding on the door cards than stock.  Consequently, the little plastic interior door handle surrounds were being pushed away from the door by the padding and eventually they broke.

I knew simply gluing them back together wasn’t going to work.  However, when I saw the groove all the way ’round on the backside it looked like a piece of coat hanger for reinforcement might work.  And indeed it did.

So I JBWelded (is that a word?) the handles back together.  After that set up, I placed the coat hanger reinforcements in the groove and slathered (that IS a word) JBWeld all around to hold the hanger wire in place.  I also reinforced the back of the mounting screw hole with a washer.  A little sanding, black satin paint — presto!  These will hold up.


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