Panhard Bar Installation – Part 3

By: Bob Goodson
November 22, 2020

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Author: Michael Yount

This is Part 3 of the Panhard Bar installation. To see Part One Click Here and to see Part Two Click Here

Fabricating a couple of braces that tie the bottom of the chassis bracket into the spare tire well for more support.

The piece in foreground will limit longitudinal movement of the Panhard chassis bracket; the piece in the background will limit lateral movement of bracket.  Most stuff is tacked – about ready to drill holes.

Tacked the longitudinal brace to the Panhard bar chassis bracket and drilled the spare tire well – bolted the brace on.  Very happy with the fit.

Carefully marked the spare tire well and drilled the mounting hole for the lateral brace.  Got it bolted in.

Ready to locate the Panhard precisely on both ends (parallel to rear end) and create the spacers which locate the heim joints on the mounting bolt for each side.  Picture’s worth a thousand words here.  I couldn’t find 7/16″ ID sleeves for the heim joint bolts.  So I expanded 3/8″ sleeves — these will work fine to locate the ball part of the joint without impeding the ‘socket’ from being able to move around the way simple washers would.  I’ll cut these to the appropriate length and a piece will go on either side of the joint.

Sleeves cut — here’s a pic of the passenger side/chassis mount.  They’re gonna work fine.  Removed everything for final welding and paint.

One last section of reinforcement/boxing….
Got the axle bracket installed….
….and the remaining bits.
Reassemble the trunk – and voila – one Panhard rod!


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