Ported Toyota 3TC Intake – Stage 4

By: Bob Goodson
October 10, 2021

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The bottom side of the manifold had a plate that sealed off the coolant passages – I opened it up to match the material removed between the runners.

This area was fed coolant from the head through this port — now plugged and sealed with a piece of aluminum that was cut out of the intake, and sealed with JB Weld mixed with aluminum shavings – which were readily available.

Next I began to open up the top of the intake to aid in porting the runners and so I could rotate the carb/throttle body opening on the intake.  Pics below to show you just how restrictive this intake was.  The hose clamp is a standard heater hose clamp.  It’s amazing that these motors even made 75HP in emissions trim.  Pic below is looking into the #3/4 runner side.  EXTREMELY small opening.

Here’s the view into the #1/2 runners.

I went to O’Reillys and picked up a gasket for a Holley 2300 base carb.  Combined with the pattern on the intake, I made a template/gasket for the adapter I’ll have to make — used it to mark the intake for cutting.

And now, time for some creative “damming” with JB Weld.

And after lots of smoothing, sanding, filing…..

For purposes of bringing some order to this blog post — you can probably see that some porting has already been done inside the throttle body opening — I’ll show you a bit of that process in the next update.


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