Ported Toyota 3TC Intake – Stage 5

By: Bob Goodson
October 17, 2021

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No real magic to the porting here — I bought some long shank burrs for use in the Dremel, and some small diameter flap wheels as well as 1.25″ and 1.375″ ball hones.  And just went to work trying to open things up back to the ‘plenum’ I’d created under the base of the throttle body.  Here’s the view looking into the #3/4 runners – compare this to the shots in the previous post with the hose clamp in them.

And the view into the #1/2 runners…..

Of course, the entire runner is opened up all the way to the flange that bolts to the head.  I’ll save the last bit of opening so I can port-match the intake to the port on the head.
Now, on to making an adapter for the Holley 2300 base.  It has to bolt to the intake and then allow the carb/throttle body base to be bolted to the adapter.  I did a dry run out of birch plywood — easy to form.  Used the scroll saw and drill press.  Was going to use the wood adapter (pretty common actually) but decided I’d do the final in phenolic.

Final drilling of holes, cut some paper gaskets, add some epoxy paint – voila.  Meantime, phenolic sheet ordered.


  1. Chris

    Always great to see Michael’s methods for making things work WELL. Thanks for sharing and posting!

  2. Michael Yount

    Thanks Chris — although, lots of times it feels to me like the old blind squirrel/acorn scenario.


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