Seats… Tall Guy – Small Car

By: Bob Goodson
May 10, 2020
Author: Michael Yount
Needless to say, it’s a small car.  I’m about 6’3″ with a 35-36″ inseam.  So a bit more leg room than was normally available would be a good thing.  Having put a racing seat in one of these back in the day, I knew I had some flexibility with where the seat rails were mounted to the seat.
You can see here, I moved the rails forward about 2″ – which moves the seat back an equivalent amount.  This is the back of the seat – you can see the seat-back adjuster.  So, drill a hole in the seat frame and use a high strength bolt/nut to secure the back of the rail.

At the front, I had to use the existing hole/captured nut in the seat frame because the rail extended beyond front of the seat frame – you can see the exposed hole.  So I drilled a hole in the rail, countersunk it and used a tapered head high strength Allen bolt to secure it.  Since it sits flush, the rail can move over it with no problems.


This gives a bit of an idea – you can see the driver’s seat is moved back compared to the passenger side — which is all the way rearward on the stock adjustment.


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