Toyota 2TG Engine – Balanced and Blueprinted? Stroked?

By: Bob Goodson
January 23, 2022

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Pictures and Text by: Michael Yount

My FB experts tell me that the pistons likely put the compression ratio in the 10.0 to 10.5:1 range.  I flip the engine over and discover that material has been removed from the bottom of 3 out of 4 pistons and from both ends of all four rods.  This thing has been balanced.  This is quickly getting interesting.  

I also notice the block has been clearanced for the rod caps/bolts.

So I grab my calipers and do a quick/dirty stroke and bore measurement.

This thing ALREADY has the 78mm crank in it!

Just keeps getting better.  The blocks have a ton of meat in them – it’s been fitted with 89mm pistons.  89mm bore x 78mm stroke is 1941cc.  Almost a 2.0L – It’s the dream motor for this head!  So the racer not only had a head which they disallowed the next week – he was sporting 1941cc’s when he should have been limited to 1588cc’s (85mm x 70mm).  The Holy Grail indeed! 


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