Toyota 2TG Engine – Valve Cover Restoration

By: Bob Goodson
January 30, 2022

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Pictures and Text by: Michael Yount

The cam cover sits atop the motor and is the defining feature of this engine.  I decided that I ‘d try to re-create the factory look – wrinkle black with brushed aluminum highlights.
The racer who had this had literally taken a grinder and removed “DOHC” from the cover to try and have things not be so obvious at tech inspection.  I had a buddy (thx again Brad!) agree to try and 3D print the letters.  And another buddy (thx Richard!) who used a photograph to re-create the spacing and font of the original in a file that Brad could use with the printer.  LOTS cleaning, sanding, a bit of TIG-ing to add metal in a few spots where the grinder “slipped” – thx again to Brad.
Started with this….

And then….

And finally ….


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