Toyota 2TG Intake – Adapt Downdraft to DOHC Head

By: Bob Goodson
January 16, 2022

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Pictures and Text by: Michael Yount

The guy who built the motor raced it one time in Nascar’s ministock dirt track class.  LOTS of the little pushrod hemis are raced in this series.  The word is he raced it one weekend and wiped out the field.  While technically within the rules, when the inspectors discovered the DOHC nature of the engine – they told him not to bring it back.  That is when he sold it to the guy I bought it from.  The Yamaha head can use a pushrod head exhaust manifold – bolts right on.  But the bolt pattern on the intake side is different.  So the racer built an adapter so he could run the stock Toyota downdraft intake.  Which means I can use my modded downdraft manifold or my sidedrafts.  I cleaned all that up and matched the ports.

Here’s everything cleaned up, cams “loosely” in place and the pushrod downdraft mani bolted to the adapter.  I bolted down one cam at a time ( with the other removed) to check valve lash.  If not careful, you can bend valves by running them into each other or buy setting the head down with a valve held open by the cam.  So, loose cams until the head goes on a block.

I put pics of the 2TG pistons out on the 2TG user group on FB.  Figured if I’m gonna sell that shortblock, it would help to know what I actually had.  It became evident pretty quickly that they weren’t OEM.  They appear to have flycut valve reliefs….and a dome – the stock emissions-era low compression units would have been flat tops.  


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