Toyota 2TG – Rear Main Seal Install

By: Bob Goodson
March 14, 2022

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Pictures and Text by: Michael Yount

Rear main seal.  I had resigned myself to waiting until I could move the cars out of the way, set up the cherry-picker/hoist, and lift the engine off the stand to gain access to this.  However, we have a winter storm in progress, and while I’m waiting to lose power (frozen rain in the south) — I figured, what the heck.  So, I managed to get this…..

…..out of this tight space.  I got the 5 bolts out, and was able to slide it off the crank, but couldn’t remove it until/unless I….

….removed this engine stand “finger” (screwdriver pointing).  Since I only had a 4 cylinder short-block on it, I figured 3 fingers would be good enough for a few minutes while removing it and a few minutes while re-installing after I replaced the seal.

After removing the old seal, cleaning it up a bit and installing the new seal.  Diameter was a perfect match for my aluminum/rubber “soft jaws” that fit in my vice.  So I simply positioned the holder/seal and cranked on the vice with a couple of rotations of the piece to pull things in all the way around.  Probably the easiest seal install in, well, my life.

And here she is back in place as I sit and patiently wait, hoping we don’t lose power.


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