A Break from Brakes… HA!

By: Bob Goodson
April 24, 2012

Took a trip to Mustang Performance yesterday and picked up some small stuff needed to get the car on the ground. Mustang Performance is local to me and they carry a lot of used Mustang parts.  There is a revolving inventory of engines, transmissions, cars, and parts.  The owner, Brad, is a Mustang Fanatic and is a huge Saleen enthusiast.  Worth mentioning is a 96-98 cobra with an 03-04 Cobra motor and IRS that they have in the shop right now.  They do ship.  Give them a yell if you’re looking for parts for your project. 

Mustang Performance
Kodak TN

Picked up a connector for the cigarette lighter.  The original that was on the car had three wires cut for a 12 volt source for something.  The wires were cut so close to the connector that there was no way to splice it back in.  So I had to get a connector and thanks to Mustang Performance I got one from a parts car in their yard.



Note the new connector next to the seat in the pic

This is what is slowing the process down. Getting this car back to stock is taking up so much of my time.  Taking out the alarm that was spliced in was time consuming.  It still amazes me that this car still had its stock suspension and brakes save for a set of Tokico struts and shocks.  The motor, tranny and axle still are factory stock.  All the mods done to this were basically stereo and alarm which caused all the hack job wiring from previous owners.

Connector is repaired in the pic to the right.


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