Alternative Change… And Paint!!!

By: Bob Goodson
December 12, 2017

The fenders, doors and the hull are painted.  Unbelievable right?? Hats off to my buddy Joe Cheek who worked off hours to get this thing done.  Part of the reason it took so long is that Joe has a full time as a painter at a high volume body shop.  So when he worked on my car it was taking time away from family, friends, and his personal life.  His job is demanding of his time so it was a VERY big deal for him to commit to painting my car.  The good thing about black is that we don’t have to paint every panel at the same time.  We had an opportunity to use a very big and very efficient downdraft booth and it was a mad scramble through 72 hours to get it done.  I think Joe got 6 hours of sleep total over three days and three nights.  Thanks Joe.  I greatly appreciate your attention to detail on this.  Now to the fun part.  Getting the dust out of all the nooks and crannies and detailing the K member and engine bay.

When I started this project and built the website this web medium was very prominent.  At that time I had a Blackberry.  The camera was awful, navigation through apps was really challenging and all it really could do was send emails and make phone calls.  The 2nd generation iPhone had come out a year or so before I built this website which we all know was a game changer.  The iPhone moved web access into everyones pocket with ease.  Facebook was taking off and the mobile access helped it grow exponentially.  These days social media is a huge driving force in everything.  This website has become antiquated and clunky to put content on in a timely fashion.  I’m literally transferring info from my phone to the cloud so I can dump it to posts here.  That being said the process is broken.  It takes too long to post here and make things happen.  And at this point in time there’s a lot of little tidbits that will happen fast.  Facebook is the main medium followed by Instagram.  All that being said I’m going to move over to a page on Facebook because it offers so many more features than this website.  Ultimately the build will move over to another web domain in due time but in the meantime I’ll transition using the Facebook page called Purist Motorsports <— click link and tap “follow” to get timely easy to navigate updates.  I will be able to post in real time and it will be formatted for your device.  This website has done well but on some platforms it’s clunky to navigate.  Also you can follow me on Instagram under @puristmotorsports 

The logo above is what you’ll look for or a version thereof.  Follow the Facebook page and Instagram to see the rest of this build and more.  There’s a lot of other options for live video… say for the first startup of the motor? Or the first test drive?  Oh yeah… the potential is huge. 

See you all on the flip side.  This website isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 


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