Assembling a Vortech Supercharger Kit

By: Bob Goodson
July 19, 2012

Over the years Vortech has updated and modified their kits.  If I were to install a current kit on this car it would be obvious that it is more current than the ones that came on the 1993 Saleen’s.  Finding a complete V1 kit is challenging.  Challenging in that finding one complete with all the pieces and “in good shape”.  Many of them have been on two or more cars and have scars from the installs/removals.  So I’ve settled on doing this like Johnny Cash did on his Cadillac “One Piece At A Time”.  

I was lucky enough to have someone send me the correct “black” Vortech FMU from the 90’s.  These are now “Vortech Blue” and have the Vortech logo on them.

This one is brand new never installed.  I was given this as a gift in trade for some “research” I did for someone.  I had no idea it was brand new until I opened the box.  Very cool!  Huge thanks to Rick Schmunk for letting go of this from his stash of parts. 

Although this will be under the hood of the car, it won’t be managing the fuel like those old school setups.  Number 4 will be tuned with modern technology but will look “period correct”.  


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