Boost and Fuel Gauges

By: Bob Goodson
July 6, 2013

One option that could be chosen in the catalog was the Boost and Fuel gauges.  I have posted pics of the Saleen white face versions previously. They can be seen here in my blog.  While those gauges are period correct for a Saleen they weren’t made in time for the SA10 production.  They were made after the cars were built.  So me being the picky one I am I’m looking for the black face VDO gauges used in the SA10’s that were ordered with them.   If I would have ordered this car it would have come with the VDO version like in this picture.

I’ve located the Fuel Pressure gauge but the boost gauge seems to be elusive.  

I have a Saleen white face boost gauge that I would trade for the VDO boost gauge if anyone knows where one is.  It’s a bonus to any Saleen enthusiast if you have or know where one is.  


  1. 3m 8210 mask

    Nice post and I really appreciate your work.
    Best regards,
    Demir Schneider

    • Bob Goodson

      Thanks Demir, There will be new posts coming showing these gauges in action from a dyno session. Peace, BG


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