Clean Parts

By: Bob Goodson
August 26, 2017

It’s like Christmas when you get parts back from the machine shop.  it’s also a reality check on how good the parts are that you have. The timing cover has some corrosion from being on the car for so long and it looks like someone got aggressive with it when removing it.  There are some things I’ll still need to take over to the machine shop again.  I’ll take this back and see what options there are to build those areas back up and machine them.  I’m confident they can be fixed easily.  It would be my preference to keep that OE part on the motor.  More to come soon. 

Someone posted a comment asking a question about the camshaft I’ve chosen.  The cam is a custom grind cam from Buddy Rawls.  I do have the specifications for the “Saleen Blower Cam” but with today’s technology in cam profiling I’ve chosen to go the custom route.  The cam is designed more for low end power and a big flat torque curve that is also supercharger or “boost” friendly.  


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